Water Resources Management

Human society is linked to the nature and its waters:

  • Water is a vital resource
  • Water resources are exposed to environmental impacts

The water resource management study track promotes sustainable use of water and advances assessment and prediction of the status of the water environment. The objective is to produce quantitative information regarding availability and quality of water as well as hydrological extremes. The curriculum of courses covers computational hydrology and hydraulics, environmental hydraulics and environmentally sound hydraulic engineering, and quantitative water quality assessments within a catchment.

Encountered problems relate to water balance across spatial and temporal scales and impacts of human activities on the quantity and quality of water in its cycle. Assessment of water cycle lies in the quantitative description of water balance components, such as precipitation, evapotranspiration, snow accumulation and melt, soil and ground water flow, runoff generation, and storage and transport of water in channels and reservoirs. Assessment of hydrological and hydraulic processes links to studies concerning water quality, environmental loads to natural waters, sediment and nutrient processes, and ecological systems.

After completing the Water Resource Management study track a student is able to:

  • recognize the key thematic components in water resources engineering
  • understand the principles of the hydrological cycle and flow of water in natural and constructed environments, including quantitative estimates of the water fluxes
  • explain and apply key technical methods (e.g. modelling, statistics, GIS) related to water and environmental engineering
  • deal with the uncertainty and different orders of magnitude related to the measurements, data analysis and modeling

Two options are available for this study track, depending on where you begin your degree:

Start at Aalto, thesis at DTU

Please note! Students at Aalto are required to enroll in compulsory language studies. The workload is equal to 3 ECTS: Read more about the requirements here 

First Year Aalto Compulsory Studies:

 Code Course Name ECTS Period
WAT-E1100 Water & Environmental Engineering 15 I / year 1
WAT-E2040 Surface Water Resources 5 II / year 1
WAT-E2030 Hydrological Modelling 5 III / year 1
WAT-E2010 Groundwater Hydrology 5 V / year 1
Total 30


Optional Electives, Choose 30 ECTS from list below:

 Code Course Name
ECTS Period
WAT-E3020 State of the World and Development L 2 I / year 1
WAT-E2090 Water and People in a Changing World 5 II / year 1
WAT-E2060 Sustainable Built Environment 5 II / year 1
WAT-E2080 Water and Governance 5 III / year 1
WAT-E2110 Design and Management of Water and Wastewater Networks 5 III / year 1
WAT-E2070 Sustainability Global Technologies (SGT) Studio 10 III-IV / year 1
WAT-E2120 Physical and Chemical Treatment of Water and Waste 5 II / year 1
WAT- E2020 Environmental Hydraulics 5 IV / year 1
WAT-E2180 Biological Treatment of Water and Waste 5 IV / year 1
WAT-E3010 Special Course on Water & Environmental Engineering 5 I-V / year 1
WAT-E2200 WAT Project Course 5 V / year 1
WAT-E2130 Modelling and Control of Water and Wastewater Treatment Processes 5 V / year 1
Total 30


Year 2, DTU 


 Code Course Name
ECTS Period
12326  Field Course in Applied Geophysics   5  August
 12245  Water Pollution   5  Fall (E5B)
 12336  Groundwater Quality  5  Fall (E4A)
 12240  Environmental Management and Ethics  5  January

 Choose from list of Technological Specialization courses, MSc Environmental Engineering

 5  Fall
 Thesis  Master's thesis   30  Spring/June
 Total    60  



Start at DTU, thesis at Aalto

Please note! Students at Aalto are required to enroll in compulsory language studies. The workload is equal to 3 ECTS: Read more about the requirements here

First Year DTU Compulsory Studies:

 Code  Course Name  ECTS Credits  Period
 12104 Modelling of Environmental Processes and Technologies  10  Fall (E3/year 1
12333 Water Resources Management 5 Fall (E2B) / year 1
 12336  Groundwater Quality  5  Fall (E4A)
 12245  Water Pollution   5  Fall (E5B)
30532 Introduction to digital mapping and GIS 5 Fall (E4A) / year 1
Elective drawn from list of Tech Spec Courses, MSc Environmental Engineering 5-10 Fall / year 1
12240 Environmental Management and Ethics 5 Jan / year 1
12237 Chemicals in the Environment 10 Spring (F1) / year 1
12343 Water Resources Management 5 Spring (F7) / year 1
12342 Uncertainty and Variability in Hydrologic Applications 5 Spring (F4B) / year 1
  5 Spring / year 1

Choose 5 ECTS from the list below

12331 Field investigations of contaminated site 5 June / year 1
12326 Field Course in Applied Geophysics 5 Aug / year 1
Total 60


Year 2, Aalto

Please note! Students at Aalto are required to enroll in compulsory language studies. The workload is equal to 3 ECTS: Read more about the requirements here

 Code Course Name
 ECTS  Period

Optional studies*

*the course selection must be agreed with the programme director before enrolling for the courses

See list above

30 Fall / year 2
30 ECTS Optional Studies + 30 ECTS Master's Thesis 


XX.thes Master's thesis 30 Spring
ENG.matr Maturity test 0
Total 60